To run and manage any business, one needs objective data and information. As the adage goes “if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it”.

  • Use the ‘easy to read reports ‘generated by myKase system and make informed business decisions based on that information. The list of predefined reports help you explore every aspect of your practice such as tasks, productivity, collections, billing, expenses and maximize efficiency.
  • You can export each of the reports to Microsoft Excel, allowing you to organize your data to suit your particular needs.
  • Generate reports for a single user, the team or the Firm as a whole.
  • Select
    Task / Activity / Function
  • Select
    User / Firm
  • Select
    Date Range
  • Get the

Productivity Reports

  • Invoicing Details
  • Expenses Details
  • Collections
  • Time Reports
  • Productivity per User
  • Revenue per matter
  • Origination Report
  • Productivity per Matter

Activity Reports

  • Tasks completed
  • Tasks rejected
  • Overdue Tasks
  • New Matters Added
  • Time entry details modified
  • Documents added

Admin Reports

(to check on activity on myKase Platform)

  • List of activity done by user/s
  • Client messaging
  • Client credentials enable / disable
  • Export to PDF / Excel
  • Email lists
  • Delete requests
  • Rights activity - New