client portal

client portal

Set yourself apart from your competition by offering your clients, an on-demand access to the services you do for them, through a professional, organized client portal.

What is the myKase client portal?

myKase is a digital interface between you and your clients which assists in client management. It provides your clients a self-serving 24/7 access to track the status of matters, e-mails, and communications. The interface gives everyone working on the matter a transparent, unified picture of exactly where things stand. Each client is allotted unique access credentials which establishes a water-tight channel of communication.


  • Enhanced Collaboration: myKase offers clients the opportunity to raise queries and request tasks, without wasting time in setting up appointments and calls.
  • Easy Sharing: All the requisite documents and information are available in one place, reducing reliance on e-mails and calls and making the sharing process convenient and user-friendly.
  • Personalized Access: Each client is provided with a unique access credentials, which ensures confidentiality and authorised access.
  • Real-Time Updates become possible with status change happening in real time.
  • Seamless Communication: Cuts away the requirement of juggling between multiple communication channels.
  • Anytime-Anywhere Access: The portal can be accessed from anywhere via a web browser.

With the integration of technology in almost all aspects of business operations, clients today are accustomed to instant updates. It is thus imperative for law offices to embrace a client oriented outlook, and invest in technology that caters to the needs of their clients.

client portal

myKase aims to bring efficiency, transparency, boosting client engagement and elevating client experiences.