mykase - Alerts


Despite the growing rate of technology integration into everyday business operations, many organizations and offices still rely on staff and manual processes to monitor appointments and meetings. Relying on such manual processes may have catastrophic impact if an appointment, deadline or critical aspect is missed.


  1. Improved customer service: Missing important appointments can add negative marks to an organization’s reputation. An efficient alert management system replaces chits and diaries which are used to track appointment, with a bonus of notification alerts. This ensures a strengthened customer faith in the business or practice.
  2. Actionable and reliable alerting: Manual processes of tracking deadlines and appointments rely heavily on human ability, which consequently leaves considerable room for error. A tech alerting tool establishes an organized system of notifications, that delivers the information at the right time.
  3. Easy task Management: A digital alerting system, notifies the user of the upcoming events at regular intervals, making it easy and efficient for the user to manage their engagements efficiently as per their convenience.

MyKase Alerts
MyKase is a modern-day legal enterprise management system with an integrated alerts system, tailored specifically for legal practitioners and businesses handling multiple projects. MyKase uses an alert-based system across all its features to make sure that the user can set reminders for their matters, appointments, tasks.

Various active alert features of the platform are:

  • Task Alert and Reminders
  • Notifications
  • Email Alerts
  • Alerts integrated with Period of Limitation setting for litigation cases

This provides multiple benefits from building the user’s trust with the technology and bringing peace of mind myKase ensures that the user and their team stays ahead of work, never missing any deadline.