At Manupatra, security of your data is our top priority. We understand the sensitivity of the data running on our platform and ensure to secure it.
We adopt industry best practices and best in class technology so that you can be assured.

Manupatra hosts myKase on Microsoft Azure;
Secure cloud services managed by Microsoft.

  • A cloud that is built with customised hardware, has security controls integrated into the hardware and firmware components, and added protections against threats such as DDoS
  • CSA (Cloud Security Alliance Controls),
  • ISO 9001 (Global Quality Standard), ISO 27001 (Security Management Controls),
  • ISO 27017 (Cloud Specific Controls), ISO 27018 (Personal Data Protection),
  • PCI DSS Level 1 (Payment Cards Standard),
  • SOC 1 (Audit Controls Report), SOC 2 (Security, Availability, and Confidentiality Report),
  • SOC 3 (General Controls Report)

Built with Best Practices


  • Manupatra practices high internal standards for code quality, mandatory code reviews.
  • Does regular security audits of the platform.
  • Manupatra servers are audited each day by McAfee Secure to guard against malware, vulnerabilities, and other online threats.


  • Every piece of information is stored immediately on three servers. This means you not only have an instant back-up, but also you are protected in case of hardware failure.
  • To ensure your account data remains accessible at all times, Manupatra performs regular automatic backups every 4 hours, so you are protected in case of hardware failure.

Data Transmission & Encryption

  • All transmissions of your data are done with 256-bit encryption (used by Banks).
  • All documents are encrypted.
  • Data at set and data in motion is Encrypted- Https/SSL and AES 256 bit encryption standard.
  • No one at the data centers (or elsewhere within Microsoft) has access to your data. They are not even capable of identifying which database is yours.

Advanced Features & Controls

Privacy & Access Control

myKase enables you to control that only authorized individuals have access to your data

Role-Based Permissions

Enables selective access to functionality and data within the product to the different users of the team.

Session/Activity Tracking

IP address of every session for your account and actions taken by your users is loggedto help you monitor for suspicious activity.

Password Policies

We securely hash and salt the password before saving it in our database. Enforce strong passwords with hashing and regular password resets

Manupatra Products are Tested & Certified